Rosemary Schonfeld is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, composer, and a published author, with a varied creative output. Have a listen to music from her two CDs, and read a couple of poems from her book 'Standing on Your Head'. For anyone interested in rhythms, from beginners to professional drummers, Drumātrix, a different approach to drumming, is an inspiring downloadable teaching package. For a bit of fun, click on the Lyleth icon to be taken to this animated teen guitarist's site. Find out more about her children's songs and how to download them by going to her blog page, or going straight to http://www.rosemary-schonfeld.co.uk/listen/various, for a listen.

THREE NEW YOUTUBE CLIPS: https://youtu.be/NERBtO6QsDM, https://youtu.be/PF136U1O2RM and https://youtu.be/0UHj9sqtBDI.

'Words on the Street' is the e-book I co-authored with Simon Chater, chronicling nearly three years of campaigning to remain in the EU after the Referendum. Devon for Europe did regular Devon wide street stalls where we talked to people to try and debunk the lies which had fuelled the Referendum. It was tough. Simon wrote reports on the stalls, and I wrote a series of haikus trying to encapsulate events and feelings. My very first one was:

Seventy years' peace,
Why should I care about that?
I want blue passports.

This book also includes some newspaper headlines to show what was happening politically at different times. At the moment it is free to download so please do, enjoy, and share as widely as you like - https://www.devonforeurope.com/words_on_the_street/

Her book 'Finding Relly', published by Vallentine Mitchell, is available. To order a copy Click on the 'Finding Relly' page to find out how.

Soundart Radio interview performing two songs and reading one poem: https://www.mixcloud.com/Soundart_Radio/receding-hairline-may-3rd-with-john-and-guest-rosemary-schonfeld/

Listen to, see and download my newest song - a pro-European pastiche of an English folk tune, called 'Tea With the Devil (Down an Old English Lane)- from https://rosemaryschonfeld.bandcamp.com


" Huskily, soulful voice" Event Magazine South West


"A little bit jazzy, a bit bluesy - strong warm voice"  Folk Roots Magazine


"A truly unique sound" Making Music Magazine


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Rosemary Schonfeld
Singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, percussionist, poet, author.